When thinking about the work I’ve made this semester it seemed only natural to categorize it under the name of something solarization. Part of the reason why darkroom photography and developing is so enticing is the autonomy which we have over the final result while controlling the process. There’s an authorship present in how long you leave a print in the developer just in the same way there’s authorship in how long you expose your print to a negative. Every little part of the process is important in it’s own way and accumulates to one final image. So what happens when this process is interrupted, or even reversed? Solarization is one of the answers to that question—burning the highlights and flipping the brightest bright to become the darkest dark while retaining the general teeth and structure of the original image. It’s like capturing an eclipse. I suppose all these photos, solarized or not, were in some affect or another attempting to introduce chaos or spontaneity into the precise practice which we call photography.

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