Using the wrench as a staple for this composition, a domino-fresco-greco-roman scene was created with tools captured in motion. Every object was rendered/drawn on Rhino. 

3D Rendered Composition from Rhino & Cinema 4D

Continuation of Studying of Motion.

Working with red, blue, and different scales of gray to convey motion. The red and blue were printed on both paper and acetate and layered onto of each other to further show movement in 2D way through 3D rendered objects. This study serves as a translation of digital to physical, 3D to 2D, of motion and of stillness.


Alejandro Molestina is a graphic designer currently working at WIEDEN+KENNEDY. He is a recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). For any more information please reach out to the email below: 

instagram: @alejandro.molestina